There are a wide range of funding and financing opportunities for those involved in the IT, media and creative industries. In this section, we provide some basic information about our small and medium enterprise funding programmes (Mittelstandsförderprogramm) and an overview of other funding sources. For further assistance please do not hesitate to contact us.


The City of Leipzig, Office for Economic Development, has launched its own local development programme in the form of the SME Development Programme. The programme is the cornerstone of the economic support system. The aim is to develop feasible, viable solutions and provide financial support in areas where the resources of small and medium-sized enterprises are simply not sufficient.

Who can apply?
Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) located in the city of Leipzig with fewer than 250 employees and an annual turnover of less than 50 million euros.

What is it exactly?
It's a grant. Companies pay upfront and claim 50% back. The grant is limited. In most cases, up to 50 % of the costs can be supported, depending on the individual project being funded. A grant for non-investment projects is secondary to federal and state funding programmes.

Types of Fundable Projects
A total of 17 different types of projects are being supported under the small and medium-sized funding programme. The projects may not begin before the application has been submitted and approved. Detailed information can be found at (site only in german)

  • Creative idea transfer
  • Growth-related relocation
  • Management support
  • Opening of new markets (trade fair promotion)
  • Electric vehicle testing
  • Certification / Quality Management
  • Innovations in SMEs
  • Transfer of local knowledge and technology
  • Restructuring/ supra-regionalisation
  • Transfer of business / Succession
  • Crisis support
  • Joint marketing activities
  • Start-Up funding for Master craftsmen
  • Funding for innovative entrepreneurs
  • Employee assistance for entrepreneurs
  • Establishment
  • Workshop series "Brands, markets, design and innovation"

Application procedure

  1. Pre-application meeting with the Office for Economic Development
  2. The deadline for submission is 4 weeks before the start of the project
  3. Examination of documents at the relavant office (additional requests if applicable)
  4. Internal decision-making meeting with the project team and department head
  5. If approval is granted, notification of grant is sent to the applicant
  6. Implementation of the project within the period indicated (completion of the project, payment of all invoices)
  7. Submission of accounting documents no later than 3 months after the period of implementation
  8. Verification and payment of the approved grant amount