Corporate communication is an art in and of itself. An art that needs to translate clear economic guidelines into creativity. Leipzig advertisers, PR agencies and media service providers act as intermediaries between businesses and the community. These agencies' profiles range from generalists to specialists and they can count on well-trained junior staff members from the university landscape to support their work.


More than 600 agencies and service providers work in the corporate communications sector. Every day they prove not only that they are in step with the times when it comes to creation, conception and technical implementation, but that they also know how to accelerate it. Several agencies are well established and have a supra-regional reach. Creative minds are also continuously founding small companies to make a name for themselves or their network in the market. The Marketing Club e.V. (site only in german) consolidates and represents the interests of the industry and annually awards the Marketing Prize (site only in german) for clever and successful marketing concepts.


In advertising and public relations, Leipzig's university landscape proves that it has the highest standards of quality and education. Leipzig University, with its master's degree in Communication Management, is one of the best in Germany. Marketing graduates from Leipzig's Graduate School of Management are also highly sought after by international companies.


Corporate communication is an art in and of itself. Advertisers, PR agencies and media service providers act as intermediaries between businesses and the community. The Leipzig School of Media (site only in german) is the centre of excellence for academically sound further education in the field of cross-media. The LSoM offers four master's programmes and courses for media professionals and employees to develop their professional skills in corporate media, mobile marketing, cross-media management and new media journalism. These programmes are organised and supervised in cooperation with the University of Leipzig and the HTWK Leipzig.

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  1. Diverse agency landscape for every need
  2. Marketing award for clever and successful marketing concepts
  3. PR and journalism course at the University of Leipzig trains competent young talent
  4. Innovative study courses at the LSoM
  5. Agile network of freelancers and small agencies
  6. Specialists in corporate media, SEO optimization or social media
  7. Experienced, nationwide agencies

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Universität Leipzig

With 14 faculties and 155 courses of study, the Alma Mater Lipsiensis is a classic full university with a wide range of subjects: more than 30,000 students are taught by 436 professors. From biotechnology to digital humanities, the university conducts research and teaching at the highest level - without interruption since its foundation in 1409.

Kommunikationsmanagement und Public Relations

HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management

What does someone who wants to start or run a business need? Away from the short-term pursuit of profit maximization towards responsibility and sustainability. This is the "Leipzig management model". The private business school, which is renowned throughout Europe, has an excellent reputation as a forge for managers and entrepreneurs and offers the best career opportunities.

SVI-Stiftungslehrstuhl für Marketing an der HHL

Leipzig School of Media

The media landscape is constantly changing. The cross-media use of content is becoming increasingly important here. This is where the Leipzig School of Media comes in with four part-time master's degree programmes, courses and training courses in cross-media. The continuing education programme aims to qualify specialists for the new requirements in the media.

Leipzig School of Media (site only in german)