Leipzig's reputation precedes it. City of Bach. Trade fair city. A city of freedom and open space. City of the Wilhelminian art and music. Last but not least, The City of the Peaceful Revolution. People who want to make a difference always find a home in Leipzig. Leipzig's media and creative industries are also characterised by constant winds of change. And Leipzig is more alive than ever before. In all seven sub-sectors, participants and companies work with enthusiasm and professionalism on their projects and visions. They are making a name for themselves on the international level, establishing a foothold with their ideas and asserting themselves. In these endeavours, they have contributed a great deal to Leipzig's good reputation for creative people, which continues to attract new players and talents to the city.

Ideas come from creativity - and we support creative minds in Leipzig, who transform their ideas into concrete projects. We facilitate them in their first steps when their passions are being turned into a profession.

We are proud that such a variety of creative work is flourishing in Leipzig - and as economic supporters we recognise that this diversity and the innovative power of the media and creative industries also inspires other economic sectors.
Which is why we are involved with Leipzig's creative people, regardless of whether they are already established or are part of the city's all-important scene. Together with the media and creative industries, they make up an important and fast-growing cluster in our city.

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  1. It is an attractive city for students and companies looking for young, creative and determined professionals
  2. People feel connected with their region, which is essential for business to function well
  3. Excellent location close to Berlin and with connection to all important transport routes
  4. Partners in administration and politics who are open to new projects and ideas
  5. Young entrepreneurs with visions work here
  6. A city that is always open to new ideas, always on the move
  7. A wide range of training and further education opportunities at Leipzig universities